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I solve problems through design


You can always find me either working on my calligraphy/hand lettering, designing a new typeface, doing some branding works/core graphic designing to composing music in my home studio.

As an artiste I am greatly inspired by the ability of letters and abstract art within calligraphy, that allows me the freedom to tell stories. Being a tribal myself I am a great advocate of the tribal art which is often labeled as handicraft by many people. I furthered this cause by creating platforms such as where art inspired by tribal culture is made available as wearables and which invites select tribal artists to collaborate on issues face by the minorities through art.

On June 18, 2018 my font The Dolbak Brush has been released worldwide by PixelSurplus. The font has been widely received by designer around the world, with more than 40K downloads till date. On Jul 1, 2018, BBC Hindi and Telegu publish segment where they have interviewed me on the topic: Is Calligraphy a dying Art in India? My work has been featured in various Instagram blogs, Typism Book 4 is one of the big feature that I had recently where more than 700 designer around the world submitted their work and 159 were chosen to be on the book. I have collaborated with over 42 Calligrapher from 21 countries to work on a book called “Маша пишет” by Maria Osipova a Russian author from Yekaterinburg. As a calligraphy artiste I was part of the Lore—A Tribal Story mixed media art exhibit and sale. 

I have been running my own Instagram (@mrkhuptong) blog on my calligraphy works with growing followers. I have also been invited by Adobe, India on July, 2013 to talk about the new features and Illustrator CC at the Adobe User Meetup.



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