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Beyond The Obvious


The Wright Brothers identity the problem, provide a creative solution by designing the flying machine. They did not limit themselves! 

In continuation to my article “Are We Designers?” here’s my thought on the designing process from a creative stand point.

Keeping in mind the differences between Graphic Designer and Artist, the role played by us as a Graphic Designer can be quite different depending on the place, project and the people we are working with. Our main purpose is to solve the visual communication gap. (Are We Designer?)
A client usually approaches a Graphic Designer with a certain pre-determined purpose in mind; the underlying reason, however, is that there is a problem communicating with the consumer. Besides looking for a design the client subconsciously expects you to solve this communication gap through your expertise.
In order to fill this gap understanding the situation is the key. The easier way is that you could throw in a few colors or search for inspiration on the Internet and starts off. You would still be able to make your client happy and fulfill his immediate need. This approach, however, solves a short-term goal.

To solve the real problem you first need to identify the gap between your client’s and his consumer’s world. You will have to find the common language that they both understand and then provide a creative solution by means of Graphic Designing. 

The difference between the two approaches is anybody’s guess. The first will give you a solution, which can be very predictable while the later will give you genuine and quality work and in the process gain your client’s loyalty. 

Each one of us has the ability to identify, conceptualize and execute. Having such a thought process and using it in a specific scenario is what makes us Commercial Designers. However, while we are on the task, we should not limit our thought process to the tools and skills required for the implementation only. We often limit ourselves to what we can practically achieve using our readily available resources. 

It’s important to remember that executing a good idea is not difficult, coming up with one is.

Richard Khuptong